Parents can easily access their child’s accounts to track their assignments and academic progress. Keep your student’s parents in the loop with classroom announcement notifications, student progress reports, and individualized messages.


Keep students updated with their daily assignments. Upload videos, links, and other media to assist your students to ensure retention while completing their assignments independently. Create multiple classrooms with various subjects to create a one- stop-shop for all your student’s diverse needs.


Stay up to date with classroom calendars and message teachers when questions arise. Utilize the study tools to help practice and retain the information learned in class. Receive personal feedback about your assignments and progress from your teachers.

Welcome to Homework Bear

Here at Homework Bear, we strive to provide the tools necessary to assist teachers with keeping their students on track with their assignments and ensuring that they possess the essential supplies to help them retain the information learned. Working independently at home can be a challenge for many students and having the proper equipment to guide their studies and help navigate obstacles can be crucial to their progression.

Homework Bear was created by ESL educators that saw a need to establish a platform where they could help build a solid foundation of communication and learning with parents and their children.


Our Plans

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Have access to all the teacher tools with as many students and classrooms as needed, creating the ultimate experience for your students while they pursue their academics ventures within the comforts of their homes. This yearly subscription saves you 60%!

Unlimited Classes

Sign up for your first free class and get your students started on their success path. Try out the different features and add various assignments to implement a smoother communication and learning process for your classroom.

1 Class

Enjoy all the benefits of a Premium membership on a monthly basis. Provide your students with access to all the tools they require on your own timeline.

Unlimited Classes
Basic Plus

Our Basic Plus plan allows teacher to create on unlimited amount of classes and subjects.This plan allows independent educators to provide a limited number of students with an excellent platform for consistent communication and support.

Unlimited Classes

Why Choose Us

Homework Bear

Homework Bear aims to provide convenient and effective tools that students and teachers can seamlessly implement and utilize within their daily work activities. With our constant updates and easy user interface, Homework Bear is perfect for public, private, or individual educational uses. Homework Bear was built by a team of educators with years of combined experience teaching within diverse classrooms. These experiences have inspired us to create a platform to meet these diverse needs and provide them at an affordable cost. Set up your first class absolutely FREE and test see all of the cool features Homework Bear has to offer!

Available Tools

Our Tools

Homework Notebook

Build student independence and provide full access to all assignments.

School Calendar

Keep students and parents up to date with important school events.

Instant Messaging

Provide additional pathways of communication for students to get the help they need.


Keep parents and your students on track with consistent updates on their current scores and their classroom progress.

Progress Journal

Add comments and insight about each students progress and help keep parents in the loop about their child's needs.

Custom Tools

Provide students with materials they need to thrive while working independently at home.